Saturday, November 30, 2013

Baby it's Cold Outside

Dear Family
  In case you don't fully appreciate how cold it is up here, I would
like to inform you that the last couple of days have been between -7
and 1 degree. That's spit freezing cold. There aren't even mountains
in the Ontario province, how does it get that cold? It's great that
you're going to grandmother's for thanksgiving. Unfortunately for me,
Canadian thanksgiving happens in October... Whoo.... I wish I could
bring my journal to the library and just copy that into my E-mails. I
am doing things I just don't remember what they are when it's writing
time. Most of the people we teach are exceptionally flakey so it's
hard to get more than one lesson in. Cool thing about our apartment is
that it's in the basement of the house with another guy renting above
us. And he gets the thermostat. Normally this wouldn't be a bad thing
but he doesn't know he controls for both. So when he goes out of town
for a few days and turns the heat off to save money... I told you how
cold it gets here, right?
  According to my companion, packages take a good couple of weeks to
get places, so if I don't write about the amazing things you send me
for awhile, it's not that I'm ungrateful I just haven't got it yet.
So Kylie is dating a johnson? that's weird. Well on to
the individuals.

    YOU GOT TO GO INTO A TANK?!?! That is so cool. Did they let you
shoot it? probably not, right. Anyway, have fun at the planetarium.
You know you can buy chocolate covered grasshoppers there. I dare you
to eat one and tell me about it.

  Missionaring is hard. I haven't broke Ryan's record yet, but I'm
working on it. Mom tells me math is too easy for you. Why are you so
smart? I hope the other courses are equally as easy. By the way, the
50th anniversary of doctor who happened. I'm not saying you should
write me about it, but if you see it and want to share it with

  There are no mountains in Ontario and all the people are from
India... They're probably the best skiers i have ever seen. Why are
you trying to wear Mary-Jane? you know that's against the word of
wisdom, right? I'm just joshing you. Of course we're gonna be besties
forever. Stay out of trouble you little scamp.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Few Question Answered

Since Nathan's letters are so full if info I tried asking him a list of questions - not much more info!

DId you get a warmer coat? no, mine's good for now
Did you buy a bike? nope
Are you on a bike or are you in a car? neither. I'm a walker.
Do you need insoles for your shoes? again, no.
What town is your companion from? Syracuse
Are you teaching any investigators yet? a couple
How was your first P day in Canada? super busy
Do you have enough garments, shirts, socks? Eeyup
What did you do Monday? preach
What did you do Tuesday? played
What did you do Wednesday?preached
What did you do Thursday? teached
What did you do Friday? testified
What did you do Saturday? spiritualized
What did you do Sunday? worshipped
And anything else you can think of to tell us we would LOVE!.
That was easy. well i guess i'm done. bye.... Okay I'l keep going. I really don't know much to say. Tell dawson to do good in his Basketing of the Balls and make sure ryan helps around the house. Geez, at the apartment I could think of a thousand things to say but as soon as you put  a keyboard infront of me it all goes to mush. I could tell Y'all some mission stories like how I asked a grown up lady if her mom was home or the time I fell down two flights of stairs in an apartment, but I'll spare you the details. I go to the same ward every sunday and participate in their quarums and stuff. I'll try adressing you individually.
I love that you miss me and all, but remember that the room is mine. so is the cat... not really. I'm just kidding and I love you. Did you like thor? what was your favorite part? same questions for Kenna's play. Did you ask your teacher about the moon not actually being part of Earth? love'ya.
Geez, why don't you give me a break from all the info*sarcasm*. I know I don't exactly write alot but you are my connection to the world of sin and wordly desires. give some details man. Also, good luck with sports and stuff.
to what questions are you refering? Being the full time missionary i am, I tend to block out the temptations of the world (I would never have time away from my companion and he's a bit of a stickler anyway). And what do you mean starwars with Thor people? were their lightsabers? did anakin show up? fun fact, Natalie Portman played Padme in starwars and thor's girlfriend. if that is the only similarity than you need be less superficial. also you're adorable. my jacket is fine. i can't exactly go crazy with my money.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

2nd letter from Nathan, not much longer then the first!

Geez, so many colours. They spell colours with a u here. That's weird. anyway, about my mission. It's cold, my feet constantly hurt, and there are no breaks. But i like it. my companion is also from utah. His name Is Elder Olsen. He is the district leader and follows the rulebook to a T. We get fed nearly every other night. We don't teach much lessons though. That will come in time, i guess. it's great that nick got baptised but pretty sure my Baptisms will out number Ryan's in a few months. I took some pictures of the MTC but none of Canada. I've been busy. I bet y'all think Canada is the whitest of the white breads, but 90% of everyone I've seen is either indian or middle eastern.
      Please tell nick that the moon isn't actually part of the Earth. it just floats above it. Also, you need to write me about thor 2. yes, i would most deffinately wear a scarf. I just rememered that Uncle Noel and Aunt Tami told me to write them. since I don't have the time, please inform them that I am doing well and i would appreciate lemonade if they could spare it. they have milk in bags here. milk in bags. Oh, canada. I don't have a favorite scripture yet, but i could look. I swear I could think of a million things to write but as soon as I get to the computer my mind blanks on me. Make sure someone cleans the litter box. I'll try to get some pictures next time. Love you all.
                                                                         Elder Erasmus

(Our letter was in lots of different colors to him) 
(Nick wrote Nathan about what he was learning in school, Nathan was correcting the teacher!)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Made it to Canada!

We were so excited to hear from Nathan's Mission President today and to receive a few pictures of him.  Not sure who is giving Nathan fashion advice: Black Suit, burgundy sweater, blue and green tie???  But he looks Perfect to us!

Elder Erasmus' Companion and Trainer: Elder Olsen

Mission President: President and Sister Scott

New Missionaries and their Companions

Monday, November 4, 2013

Live from Detroit

Nathan called today on his way to Canada!  He was in Detroit and had only about 40 min between flights.  It was quick but he sounded great!  Sounded confident and ready to hit Canada.  He was sad that everyone was at work or at school and only Mom was home, really wanted to talk to his brothers.  He is headed to Canada with 9 Elders, 5 of which are speaking some kind of language other then english and 1 missionary couple.  No sisters with this group.  The sisters that were in his district at the MTC headed to Oregon. Today is P day in Toronto and next Monday is a National Canada Holiday so P day is moved to Tuesday next week so no P day for him for another week+. . . . meaning no letters for us

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Nathan flies out to Toronto on Monday, November 4th, after 10 days at the MTC.  You can write Nathan at or at

1st letter - in true Nathan form!

dear family
as you can see i am still breathing. which is good. got all your letters, so, thanks... i guess. the MTC has been great. my companion has been great. district has been great. classes have been great. great. great. great. tell the grandparents i appreciate the packages and tell Dawson and Ryan i am happy they won. I only have time to write one letter soooo... yeah. i really don't know what I'm suppose to say. make sure someone feeds the cat. seriously, she better not be dead by the time i get back. doing laundry right now. ironically, it has been the most looked forward to activity we had. we get almost no free time, but i think that might be the point. idle hands are the tools of the devil and all that. the food taste great but it makes some of us a little gassy,*cough* my companion*cough*. speaking of which, i think i finally found someone who can out snore dad. he's a cool guy though and has a power full testimony. i haven't had time to use the camera, but I'll try to get some pictures before i leave. I'll probably write you guys sometime next week. you might get a hand written letter if you're lucky. make sure no one goes in my room. Love Elder Erasmus

Saying Goodby

October 23rd - saying Goodby
It could be a loooong time for these 2
Last meal together, Brick Oven Provo
We sure love our Missionary
Saying Goodby
Nathan and BYU's EMS Supervisor (she is pretty cute)
On our way to the MTC
We will miss him sooo much
And he's off!
Good Luck Nathan - We love you