Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14,2014

Dear Family

 This is Elder Roberts last week. That means he ran out of money last week. We didn't get very much food grocery shopping. Oh well, I'm getting fat anyway. Last P-day we went hiking to some smaller falls not very many people know about. We got filthy. My boots, jeans, sweatshirt, and undershirt were soaked with this grimey mud water. It was super fun. At least it was till it started raining. Interesting fact about Canada, Fall and Spring don't exist here. Thanks to the humidity, it's either really cold and miserable, or really hot, sweaty and miserable. Super fun. Why didn't we think about that when we were packing? I have no short sleeved shirts. So one of the reasons we have been having a slow period is that we have been working with a ward missionary who is also a recent convert. We thought she has been inviting people to listen to our lessons. Turns out, she has been teaching several people the missionary lessons and has invited half of them to be baptized. That's our job. We had to explain to her that different callings had different responsibilities. Hopefully, we can start meeting with her friends. It turns out Fast Sunday was this week because they thought it would be cool to stick it between conference and Easter.  Kinda caught us off guard.  Not to mention our investigator had a nervous breakdown and ran out of the church crying.  Fun fun fun.

Dear Nick
    Tell Mom that I think he's going to the Philippians. So mom tells me you get in people's face and smack talk during lacrosse. Remember that if you're going to talk the talk, you are going to need to walk the walk. As long as you do that and aren't to mean about it, you're good. What kind of duck is Duckless? Do any of the neighborhood pets bother her? Sounds like you guys are having a great time. Have a Happy Easter. Love ya

Dear Dawson
    There's this one button above the enter key called "The BackSpace" button. If you push it you can fix your mistakes. The only place in Canada that actually speaks french is Quebec, and it doesn't even want to be part of Canada but it's too small to secede. My mission has been pretty average. Knocking doors, walking streets, and all that stuff. Nothing too terribly special. 16-0 huh. How many of those were yours? 15 right? Mom says you have been hanging with the ladies. You're such a stud.

Dear Ryan
    You just blew my mind.... woah. Did you know that everyone in Canada has a scooter. Everyone. The government gives them out with the healthcare. Don't get a scooter. So Mom has started letting you have girls over? Very nice, very nice. She hot? Seems like you and her are getting along a lot better. Just try not to do anything too stupid and you'll get along swimmingly. Love you bro.

Dear Dad
   Why do I have the least game out of all my brothers? Nick is probably going to be a player too. How are the others at lawn maintenance. I always feel like I did slightly more work than the others. The Orks in the hobbit movies aren't as creepy as the Lord of the Rings orks. That story Sister Carrol told sounds awfully familiar. Probably need to check for plagiarism.

Dear Mom
     I can't help it if I was a little curious as a child. Exploring things was how I learned. Sounds like the boys are all keeping busy. I miss being small. More freedom and you could fit inside smaller areas. How cool was that. Also, mom, I have nearly eighteen months left. This is not the time when you should start setting me up with girls. That's an only six months left activity. love you.

Pictures from our Hike:

April 6, 2014

Dear Family
  So as Promised, this week will have pictures to go with the stories. So we had exchanges with our District Leader and his companion. So I went to St. Catheter's with Elder Cowley
He is my District leader. While we were together Elder Judd
Served With Elder Roberts, who is my companion

This was on April first, so naturally we had to prank them. I decided to go with Canada's weather as a theme for the prank (Elder Judd's canadian).  Me and Elder Cowley put their sheets in a bucket of water and placed it in the freezer. I felt bad about him not having anything to sleep on, so we replaced them with disney princess sheets. When we exchanged back, Elder Cowley took a video of him discovering the sheetcicles and their replacments.... He swore....A lot. Later this week we had Conference. That Argentinian was my favorite. We also decided that Elder Holland is like a WWF  wrestler of the apostles. He just throws down on everything then drops the mike and walks away. You know that dot game we weren't suppose to play in sacrament meeting where you try to make more boxes than the other guy? We played that. We had over a thousand boxes. I lost by eleven boxes. So apparently A bunch of women have been protesting about wanting to have the priesthood, even though that's RLDS doctrine and apostate.  Elder Oaks also threw down on that. I liked that talk too. That's about all that happened. this week. Welland is kinda a small town, so we're starting to focus our efforts at Port Colborne and Pellham where we're less well known and the people might actually talk to us.

Dear nick.
 You wanna see my face?
Inline image 4 
That is part of Niagara falls, also my face. It only took you an hour to walk home? Was it Fun? Why don't you get a bunch of friends together and walk home as a party. That was always fun for me. You might be too small still... oh well. Captain America was My favorite of the first marvel movies. I bet This one wasn't as good. Was it? Do you like reading diary of a wimpy kid? I liked it and I was quite a bit older. I love you bro.

Dear Dawson
   You're just this super human stud when it comes to lacrosse aren't you? Are you still freakishly huge? I can't wait to see this movie, it sounds good. You have to remember that the Hulk was made by trying to use the captain america serum. He is like diet hulk. I hope you are having fun as a fourteen year old. love you dawg.

Dear Ryan
   The only Marvel twins I know that aren't identical is quick silver and scarlet witch. There Magneto's kids. Did you catch their names? Pietro or wanda? oh well. probably not important. He has super speed if it's him, not teleporting. I'm probably way off. Didn't The hobbit two come out at Christmas? So confused. How are you and mom going? Still on the rocks? Just keep on keeping on and you'll do good.

Dear Dad
   We have a couple of towns in our area. The closest proselyting area is A town north of us called St. Catherine's. Also there is a YSA branch so all the colleges and such have already been claimed as their territory. Kinda sucks. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY GOOD MOVIES?!?!?!? I can't wait to see these. The mission leader in our ward has been trying to cheer up Elder Roberts because he has less days than I have months. He came out of that even more discouraged. Whooo hooo.

Dear Mom
   It comes to mind that my personal emails to you are slightly shorter than the others. That is because I usually address all your questions in the top part. Just look at it like that part is addressed specifically to you. Shelby is graduating? I thought doctors and medical students had like eight years of schooling? Captain America does have super powers. They just aren't very good super powers. It only allows you to send so many pictures per email so I'll send more next week.

I love all of you and have you in my prayers. 
Elder Erasmus