Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas in Canada

Dear Family
The Christmas season is a bit different up here in the snowy north. We did have an ice storm this week. A lot of neighborhoods are without power... including ours. It looks really cool though. Everything is just coated in crystal and stuff. It was cool until the trees started shattering and collapsing on houses and stuff. but hey, what can you do. The work is going pretty well too. We're teaching an Indian man named Vikram. I also learned that I most certainly don 't have the gift of tongues. We taught an Indian, a Philippino, and a Jamaican in the same lesson. I'm pretty sure at least one of them knew what we were talking about. We should be skyping around 1ish here. that's about 11 there I think.

I hope you get what you want for christmas. You get to tell me what you got on Wednesday. love ya bra'

That is a lot of meat! You guys saw the hobbit and lord of the rings? which one was your favorite? we'll talk on Wednesday.

I miss you too, bro. We'll talk on Christmas and I'll send pictures next week.

Christmas Dinner - Gooey Duck! 

Ice Storm on Saturday and Sunday- 
These are pictures from the Street Nathan lives on

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What the heck is a Punjabi Suit

Hey family
   How's it going. it has finally snowed here. Canada snow is alot more slick than Utah snow. I fell down... alot. You really don't have to worry about sending me anymore Christmas presents. My companion, another companionship, and I all bought punjabi suits. I might send you a picture if you ask nicely. Shelpy, the Indian lady and her family couldn't meet with us this week because the father got sick and had to go to the hospital. Charmaine had a change in her work schedule so we couldn't baptize her... and we dropped her because we haven't been able to see her for a few weeks. We did get a new investigator though. Her name is Elizabeth. Well I didn't get her because I was on exchanges with the zone leaders, but i did teach her after that. She also unplugged her refrigerator a few weeks ago and filled with melted frozen fermented liquids that sat there for a few weeks. We got to clean it out (more specifically, i cleaned it out while Elder Olsen talked about her cat). Good times.  On to the individies

  Did you win? You little athlete you. I've been praying for you guys too.Did mom let you watch Lord of The Rings too? Man you guys seem to be having all the fun. I hope you don't get sick again. I love ya buddy.

   I heard from a birdie that you cut your hair. How short? if you want to grow it back read judges 16-20. It's a pretty good story where Samsun gets into a HAIRY situation.... Get it? Anyway, How was the Hobbit? Was legolas as cool as he was in the other movies? Also, Stay away from my blanket. Still love you though.

   You can use my blanket if you can beat Ryan in a Arm Wrestle. You can do it champ. How is school going? Got any ladies to swoon after you yet? Stay classy champ.

   Sounds like Y'all have been having a great time since I left. You better save some of those gifts for two years. CCC sounds like they're going to be the new Alta when it comes to sports. Ryan just needs a little bit of an ego stroking before the criticism starts. I miss you guys alot.

   Way to go mom, you made me cry a bit. if you want my opinion on how to teach about joseph smith i could give you some pointers. i love you guys and i hope you have a great christmas.

Elder Erasmus 

Monday, December 9, 2013

A good find

Dear Family
    So y'all got to see Frozen, what was it about? Sounds like it was COOL...
anyway, it doesn't snow here, it just freezes. On the way to an investigators I managed to slip and fall down... Twice. I'm not the most coordinated Elder. We had a great week for finding not so much teaching. We were trying to get into this apartment building that we didn't have a buzzer for when this women decked out in full on Indian apparel (with the shawl and dot and everything) opens the door and asks if we could get her a bible. We said yes. She then asked, if it wasn't too much trouble, if we could teach her and her daughter about Jesus. We said we could probably pencil her in. When we taught her we taught her, her daughter, her husband, her brother, her son, and two kids she was baby sitting. The only downside is that I'm pretty sure she thinks we're catholic. Little step back. You should probably avoid sending packages to the apartment. I haven't got any and we technically live in the basement of a nonmember so I'm not sure what he does with the mail. (so send them to the mission home) Are you guys doing anything special for Christmas now that you have two less mouths to feed? We get to study for a little longer than we usually do. Probably cause they want us to read about the birth in addition to our regular study.
   Sounds like you're turning out to be quite the little athlete. If you want to start snowboarding or skiing here's a tip. Skiing is way easier but you have more fun boarding. What was your favorite thing about frozen? I didn't even hear about that one before I came out. I love that you're helping mom with the Christmas stuff. keep praying for me and I'll keep praying for you.
   Dad says you wore my tires down to the rim so you may want to lay off the "drifting" for a bit. You went to snowbird? I thought that place was strictly for skiers. Is it more fun than Brighton? If you don't want to get in trouble around the house here's a secret, If you would get in trouble for a thing don't do it. I know that sounds harsh, but most of the time you can get away with a lot of things so you think you can get away with even more. if you just drop below the radar for a bit, mom and dad will give you more freedom and you won't get in trouble for the little things. or maybe I'm just finally turning into a missionary and giving you goody goody advice. stay cool bro.
  Every Preperation day(We're not allowed to say P-day anymore) we get together as a zone to play volleyball or something. this week we're going bowling. I hear you didn't think too kindly about this new disney movie. Was it too girly for ya? Real men can watch a disney princess movie and enjoy it so I guess you're just not man enough. I kid. So you had this super busy B-ball week. I bet by the time I get home you'll might be close to my level. Later days Bro.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be happy, or wanting to better your life. You can start right now by taking these steps to increase your happiness:

1. Choose to be happy: Recognize that it is a choice. You can choose to let the little things get you down, tie your happiness to the decisions and actions of others, or you can decide to let it go! Choose positivity, choose life, choose happiness.
2. Cultivate a culture of gratitude: Do you have an amazing family or a gifted companion? Relish this and celebrate daily in the awesomeness of your life! What do you have that others say they would love to swap places with you for?
3. Don’t hold grudges: choose to forgive, even if others have not asked for forgiveness or apologized. You don't need to hang onto their stuff. That hurt will do nothing to better your life or help you achieve happiness.
4. Feed yourself positive things: What you feed will flourish, what you neglect will die. If you are feeding and focusing on the positive things in your life you will see growth in that area. If all you focus on is the bad, negative things, you might notice major growth in that area of your life.
5. Surround yourself with positive people: Birds of a feather flock together. If your family, friends and community are focusing on the good in life, instead of being "Debby downers" who always linger on the bad, you will see a drastic change in your life. Have you ever heard the term, misery loves company? DON’T BE ITS COMPANY!
6. Do something meaningful: When your life, your career or actions have a higher purpose, it makes you feel more accomplished; whether it's spending time with your loved ones, spending time working for a good cause, or spending time on something of great importance to you.

Today I want you to embrace happiness. Choose to stop living in misery, because it never got anyone, anywhere. Unhappiness keeps you stuck in a rut. BE HAPPY! 

Monday, December 2, 2013

An Upcoming Baptism

Dear Family
    For Thanksgiving this year, I went and had dinner with some maltese members. throughout my life I have learned that the three foods I really don't like are Fish, Cheese, and Mushrooms. They took the stem out of the mushroom, filled it with cheese, baked it in fish oil and served it to us. Your thanksgiving sounds delightful though. One of our investigators has a baptismal date. December 15. That's pretty cool. Speaking of cool, I'm thinking about getting a scarf. My coat is actually doing a pretty good job holding up but my neck and feet tend to feel a bit nippy. We have been working with the member but the only referal we got was a man named Sam. he comes from an island close to Madagascar that speaks creole. He seems interested. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you add Christmas music to my song request. As long as it doesn't have romantic lyrics, all Christmas music should be acceptable.
  You saw Ender's Game? I thought that didn't come out till next year. Did the planetarium teach you that the moon isn't actually part of the Earth? I'm sorry Nala bit you. She was probably just trying to give you a kiss but her teeth got in the way. Did you have fun with your break from school? Did you have any adventures? If not, you should go get some. Love'ya little buddy.
   That sounds like a cool story. I guess you could say HE KEPT HIS EYE ON THE BIRDIE!!!... I'm sorry. if you want details on my mission i'm afraid it's not terribly interesting.We wake up at 6:30 to exercise than we have an hour to get ready and have breakfast, another couple of hours of scripture study, after that we go to see appointments that 80% don't show up to. we then come home for dinner and contact/tract around the area. You know that game we played where you play tic-tac-toe inside another Tic-tac-toe? We did play that and I won seven out of ten times(two of the ones I didn't win were ties). I'll keep you posted if anything interesting happens.
   Some people just don't recognize talent when they see it. Keep practicing and you could be the best Apostate game player around. To be fair, Dawson is only a forth of a worker considering you were only a half worker when I was there. How is school going? Did you go to any Fun extra curriculars? Got yourself a sweetheart yet? You're sixteen now, no one can stop you... except mom. My Christmas entirely depends on what you guys send me so make it a good one. Love ya bro.

This is not from Nathan, but is an email that his Mission President sends out every week:

The mission had 5 baptisms this week which gives us 5 for the month. As I mentioned last week, we exceeded our goal of 80+ families and future missionaries. We finished today with 70 families and 21 future missionaries for a total of 91 versus our goal of 80. These 91 families and missionaries will continue to bless the branches and wards here in Ontario and throughout the world long after all of us have returned home. We are grateful for your efforts and faithfulness in accomplishing this goal. As you may recall when we began this effort to baptize families we hoped that each ward and branch as well as each area in the mission would to be able to contribute. You will be happy to know that 42 of our 80 units were able to baptize and 57 of our 130 areas baptized. The mission has 505 baptisms so far this year. For your information, we had 465 baptisms in 2012. In 2011 the combined East and West missions and the newly consolidated Canada Toronto Mission had a total of 559 baptisms. We can exceed that total with only 55 more baptisms this month. That is just under 14 baptisms per week. What do you think?

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Baby it's Cold Outside

Dear Family
  In case you don't fully appreciate how cold it is up here, I would
like to inform you that the last couple of days have been between -7
and 1 degree. That's spit freezing cold. There aren't even mountains
in the Ontario province, how does it get that cold? It's great that
you're going to grandmother's for thanksgiving. Unfortunately for me,
Canadian thanksgiving happens in October... Whoo.... I wish I could
bring my journal to the library and just copy that into my E-mails. I
am doing things I just don't remember what they are when it's writing
time. Most of the people we teach are exceptionally flakey so it's
hard to get more than one lesson in. Cool thing about our apartment is
that it's in the basement of the house with another guy renting above
us. And he gets the thermostat. Normally this wouldn't be a bad thing
but he doesn't know he controls for both. So when he goes out of town
for a few days and turns the heat off to save money... I told you how
cold it gets here, right?
  According to my companion, packages take a good couple of weeks to
get places, so if I don't write about the amazing things you send me
for awhile, it's not that I'm ungrateful I just haven't got it yet.
So Kylie is dating a johnson? that's weird. Well on to
the individuals.

    YOU GOT TO GO INTO A TANK?!?! That is so cool. Did they let you
shoot it? probably not, right. Anyway, have fun at the planetarium.
You know you can buy chocolate covered grasshoppers there. I dare you
to eat one and tell me about it.

  Missionaring is hard. I haven't broke Ryan's record yet, but I'm
working on it. Mom tells me math is too easy for you. Why are you so
smart? I hope the other courses are equally as easy. By the way, the
50th anniversary of doctor who happened. I'm not saying you should
write me about it, but if you see it and want to share it with

  There are no mountains in Ontario and all the people are from
India... They're probably the best skiers i have ever seen. Why are
you trying to wear Mary-Jane? you know that's against the word of
wisdom, right? I'm just joshing you. Of course we're gonna be besties
forever. Stay out of trouble you little scamp.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Few Question Answered

Since Nathan's letters are so full if info I tried asking him a list of questions - not much more info!

DId you get a warmer coat? no, mine's good for now
Did you buy a bike? nope
Are you on a bike or are you in a car? neither. I'm a walker.
Do you need insoles for your shoes? again, no.
What town is your companion from? Syracuse
Are you teaching any investigators yet? a couple
How was your first P day in Canada? super busy
Do you have enough garments, shirts, socks? Eeyup
What did you do Monday? preach
What did you do Tuesday? played
What did you do Wednesday?preached
What did you do Thursday? teached
What did you do Friday? testified
What did you do Saturday? spiritualized
What did you do Sunday? worshipped
And anything else you can think of to tell us we would LOVE!.
That was easy. well i guess i'm done. bye.... Okay I'l keep going. I really don't know much to say. Tell dawson to do good in his Basketing of the Balls and make sure ryan helps around the house. Geez, at the apartment I could think of a thousand things to say but as soon as you put  a keyboard infront of me it all goes to mush. I could tell Y'all some mission stories like how I asked a grown up lady if her mom was home or the time I fell down two flights of stairs in an apartment, but I'll spare you the details. I go to the same ward every sunday and participate in their quarums and stuff. I'll try adressing you individually.
I love that you miss me and all, but remember that the room is mine. so is the cat... not really. I'm just kidding and I love you. Did you like thor? what was your favorite part? same questions for Kenna's play. Did you ask your teacher about the moon not actually being part of Earth? love'ya.
Geez, why don't you give me a break from all the info*sarcasm*. I know I don't exactly write alot but you are my connection to the world of sin and wordly desires. give some details man. Also, good luck with sports and stuff.
to what questions are you refering? Being the full time missionary i am, I tend to block out the temptations of the world (I would never have time away from my companion and he's a bit of a stickler anyway). And what do you mean starwars with Thor people? were their lightsabers? did anakin show up? fun fact, Natalie Portman played Padme in starwars and thor's girlfriend. if that is the only similarity than you need be less superficial. also you're adorable. my jacket is fine. i can't exactly go crazy with my money.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

2nd letter from Nathan, not much longer then the first!

Geez, so many colours. They spell colours with a u here. That's weird. anyway, about my mission. It's cold, my feet constantly hurt, and there are no breaks. But i like it. my companion is also from utah. His name Is Elder Olsen. He is the district leader and follows the rulebook to a T. We get fed nearly every other night. We don't teach much lessons though. That will come in time, i guess. it's great that nick got baptised but pretty sure my Baptisms will out number Ryan's in a few months. I took some pictures of the MTC but none of Canada. I've been busy. I bet y'all think Canada is the whitest of the white breads, but 90% of everyone I've seen is either indian or middle eastern.
      Please tell nick that the moon isn't actually part of the Earth. it just floats above it. Also, you need to write me about thor 2. yes, i would most deffinately wear a scarf. I just rememered that Uncle Noel and Aunt Tami told me to write them. since I don't have the time, please inform them that I am doing well and i would appreciate lemonade if they could spare it. they have milk in bags here. milk in bags. Oh, canada. I don't have a favorite scripture yet, but i could look. I swear I could think of a million things to write but as soon as I get to the computer my mind blanks on me. Make sure someone cleans the litter box. I'll try to get some pictures next time. Love you all.
                                                                         Elder Erasmus

(Our letter was in lots of different colors to him) 
(Nick wrote Nathan about what he was learning in school, Nathan was correcting the teacher!)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Made it to Canada!

We were so excited to hear from Nathan's Mission President today and to receive a few pictures of him.  Not sure who is giving Nathan fashion advice: Black Suit, burgundy sweater, blue and green tie???  But he looks Perfect to us!

Elder Erasmus' Companion and Trainer: Elder Olsen

Mission President: President and Sister Scott

New Missionaries and their Companions

Monday, November 4, 2013

Live from Detroit

Nathan called today on his way to Canada!  He was in Detroit and had only about 40 min between flights.  It was quick but he sounded great!  Sounded confident and ready to hit Canada.  He was sad that everyone was at work or at school and only Mom was home, really wanted to talk to his brothers.  He is headed to Canada with 9 Elders, 5 of which are speaking some kind of language other then english and 1 missionary couple.  No sisters with this group.  The sisters that were in his district at the MTC headed to Oregon. Today is P day in Toronto and next Monday is a National Canada Holiday so P day is moved to Tuesday next week so no P day for him for another week+. . . . meaning no letters for us

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Nathan flies out to Toronto on Monday, November 4th, after 10 days at the MTC.  You can write Nathan at or at

1st letter - in true Nathan form!

dear family
as you can see i am still breathing. which is good. got all your letters, so, thanks... i guess. the MTC has been great. my companion has been great. district has been great. classes have been great. great. great. great. tell the grandparents i appreciate the packages and tell Dawson and Ryan i am happy they won. I only have time to write one letter soooo... yeah. i really don't know what I'm suppose to say. make sure someone feeds the cat. seriously, she better not be dead by the time i get back. doing laundry right now. ironically, it has been the most looked forward to activity we had. we get almost no free time, but i think that might be the point. idle hands are the tools of the devil and all that. the food taste great but it makes some of us a little gassy,*cough* my companion*cough*. speaking of which, i think i finally found someone who can out snore dad. he's a cool guy though and has a power full testimony. i haven't had time to use the camera, but I'll try to get some pictures before i leave. I'll probably write you guys sometime next week. you might get a hand written letter if you're lucky. make sure no one goes in my room. Love Elder Erasmus

Saying Goodby

October 23rd - saying Goodby
It could be a loooong time for these 2
Last meal together, Brick Oven Provo
We sure love our Missionary
Saying Goodby
Nathan and BYU's EMS Supervisor (she is pretty cute)
On our way to the MTC
We will miss him sooo much
And he's off!
Good Luck Nathan - We love you