Monday, February 10, 2014

A Little Catch up

FEB 3rd
Dear Family
  The mission has been going pretty good. Not teaching a ton of new people, but we may have hooked a family. pretty sweet. My new Companion's name is Elder Whiting. He's from Grantsville and is an incredible swimmer. He's taller than me... i don't like that. We had a dinner appointment with a member on Superbowl Sunday. It was rough seeing all the treats and stuff set up and not being able to watch it, Especially since this year I actually had a team worth rooting for there. Oh well. Not much Is new so new stories this week. I actually haven't been able to go to mission office for a few weeks because the Elders that we use to bum a ride from changed to a tripanionship so there's no room. We did ask some missionaries to pick up our mail this week, so who knows. I'm working on a plan to get pictures on the way to you, but it should be done next week. As always, love'ya guys and you're in my prayers.

Elder Erasmus  

 JAN 27th
 How y'all doing. It has been exceptionally white this week. Snow, snow, and more snow. Super fun. I didn't get what my companion had, but I did catch a cough. My district has made a habit of pointing out that I sound like a chain smoker now. That's fun. We stopped by a lot of less active members this week and got them out to church. But you guys want to hear about the investigators. We had a lesson with the husband of a part member family. He's in a wheelchair and is probably the most sarcastic guy you will ever meet. I like him. We also had a solid lesson with a jamican family. Well the mother and her daughter as the husband was leaving. The nine year old daughter asked a ton of deep philisophical questions such as "Who birthed God?" "Do people who never heard of jesus still go to hell?" and "How is God everywhere?" We taught a nice restoration and told them we'd get to the answers eventually. We had transfers yesterday. I'm staying in Brampton and Elder Olsen is Heading to stratford, Home of the beiber. My new companion's name is Elder Whiting and i meet him tomorrow.
  Sounds like yo're a natural skiier. I wonder if that means you will be good at snowboarding. Maybe me and Ryan can teach you when I get back. I didn't read 12th night. What's it about? Are you the Star? You're probably gonna be some big shot actor when I get back, Eh? Love ya bro. Break a leg with your play.
  Is there any sport you aren't good at? Just taking down super fast pollies, no big deal. Don't get too good. You still want a challenge.
  That's what you get for speeding. Community service isn't so bad. How many hours did you get? What did you do? Did you just have to clean garbage or something? Anyway, I hear you answered that girl to the dance. I also hear she's a drill team girl. Drill team girls are scary. Are you sure you can handle it?
  The new Arrow episodes were suppose to come out last november? Maybe they just get redbox late. So you're smoozing the attorneies, eh? That's good. I remember the first Basketball game you took me to. I don't remember who played but I remember bringing tiny basketball player figurines and you and me played with them at half time. Good times. Nick is a smart kid. He's almost as smart as I was at his age. He just needs to get outside more.
  I'm a missionary, all I need is people to teach. I'm good though. The biggest thing I miss is your cooking and you can't exactly mail that to me. I'll be good as long as you guys are doing good. I love you.
Elder Erasmus

JAN 20th
You aren't the only ones getting sick. My companion spent all of personal studies throwing up in the bathroom. It smells in our appartment now. Our investigators have been kinda up an down this week. The night before we went to see the hindu family, she called and told us she isn't intrested in getting baptized and doesn't want to give up her culture. She still wanted us to come meet her and share our message so I'm a bit confused. No one made it out to church either. Thats Okay though. We'll get them next week. Cool story. In the ward we're serving in, two missionaries had fairwells this sunday. They're brother and sister going to the MTC on the same day... To the same mission... In the same district. Freacky, right? What I miss the most on my mission is sleeping in. Even on Preperation days we have to wake up at 6. Oh well.
  What's the name of the play you're in? Sounds Shakespearian. There is a member in the ward here who is obsessed with skylanders. He's in his thirties and a really cool guy. How many more skylanders can you get before you have all of them, anyway? I'm glad you're feeling better. Love ya tons.
   Thanks for writing me this week. I know your time is valuable and you don't want to waste it typing to me but I do appreciate it. So sweethearts. Who asked you? is she cute? Do you have to wear a tux? Who is in the group? Theese are the important questions. Don't be too much of a ladykiller now. Not everyone can handle your levels of swag. also mail is expensive. It's like three dollars to send things state side. I'll try to get you something though.
   You could always try taking college math. You are probably smart enough. So you finally lost a game, Eh? Oh how the mighty have fallen. Just joshing ya. Dad says you got netflix. How's that going? Find anything worth watching for me in two years? You're the best BYE!!!!!

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