Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Good Missionary Stress

Hey Guys.
  This week was pretty good for me. We had a couple of good lessons. One of our investigators came to us after a lesson and told us that when we teach it is like god is coming into her home. That's pretty good, I guess. We have been having success tracting and finding... which is still pretty weird. I think I might be feeling a bit of missionary stress though. good stress, but stress none the less. My knife doesn't leave the apartment and the brother who inspects our apartment says it's cool. So I'm keeping it, BWUHAHAHAHA! There is something you can do for me though, if you really love me that is. There's this collection of talks about Joseph Smith called "Joseph Smith The Prophet" by Truman G. Madsen. It's about 5ish cds that go over his life. If you could get that for me I would be grateful. Funny story. I brought my camera to the library. No sd card slot. working on a solution. If you want to know more about our investigators here's a list.
Vikram. Has a wife and kids, works security, likes Christians, CAN'T STAND MUSLIMS.
Shilpy. A family of an energetic Indian women, her sick husband, her daughter who goes to catholic school, and kush.
Shishir. A nepali family who contacted us via the website. They are super studious.
That's about it. on to the individuals
  Sounds like you're killing it in B-ball. Probably because you're so big. I remind you of Sean Spencer? Sweet. It's because I'm so smart, right? How has school been going? You never seem to talk about it. Are you still taking classes at the high school? You gotta let me know theses things bro. Stay gold. Love'ya
   I not only had a hamster, I bread hamsters. We got a boy and a girl by accident. We found good homes for all the babies though... well kinda. One was eaten by my friends dog, one was cooked in the sun, and one ran away from it's cage. That one took after it's mom. I swear she was the smartest hamster alive. She could break out of any cage no matter what we did. Sounds like you been sick lately. That's not good. Have you been eating too much butter again? I hope you get better. Here's a little tip for you. If you draw a picture or write a letter to the tooth fairy about your tooth and put it under your pillow, she still comes. Love you bro.
  You too cool to write your brother a letter? If you have the nerve to wreck my car, the least you could do is tell me about it. You doing any sports right now? If not, How is school going? Go to any dances, meet any girls, pee on the side of the building? you need to tell me these things. If you're scared mom or dad will get you in trouble, just send me your own email from your gmail account. Still love you and want to hear from you.
Elder Erasmus.

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