Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Waiting to be Knighted

Dear Family
Oh what fun stories shall I share with you today? My new companion's name is Elder Roberts. He's almost dead (missionary talk for going home) and he's a bit pudgey. Finally I have a companion who is shorter than me! Welland use to be a pretty decent shipping town but now it's basically closed so everyone just sits around all day and smokes pot. Pretty cool huh. NOT.  I haven't even got to the best part.  There's an Elder in our district who is a prince. You heard me, a PRINCE. His granny is the queen of the cook islands. I'm trying to convince him to Knight me but he's being difficult about it. But I'll probably come home at least a baron or something, just you wait and see.  There's no emailing places in our town so we have to go to the next town over. We may be going to Niagara falls this week. It's frozen. The largest waterfall in the world is frozen and we just got two feet of snow. Bring on SPRING BREAK 2014!!!! Driving is fun. Evidently we can listen to anything produced by a church member. We have been jamming to John Bytheway. If you find anything like that without any romantic overtones, I'll take it.

Dear Nick
I haven't  even seen welland when I emailed you last week, give me a break. So you have been tearing up the lacrosse field, eh champ. Good job.  You'll soon notice that all Erasmus boys are taller than everybody else for the first eleven or so years. Use that time wisely.  Next week we're going to Niagara falls, so we'll send you some sweet pics then. And I'm not just saying that because i forgot my camera today.  love ya sport

Dear Ryan
Everybody on the team has a job. Maybe you aren't the guy they need for those specific jobs, but they have to have a use for you or you wouldn't have made the team. Just be sure that you keep working and improving so when that moment comes, you'll be able to do the job they want from you. Enough pep talky though. If you want Mom off your back just don't do things that will get her on it. She'll be on you like fleas on a dog for the next few weeks, but if you use that time to show her you know what you're doing you'll be fine.  Just ask yourself if mom would be mad if you would do that thing, if the answer is yes, then DON'T DO IT. Our mission motto(or one of them at lest) is just keep on keeping on. So make good choices and remember who you are. love you bro.

Dear Dawson
 That sounds fun. Is it out yet? Did you play it? Here in welland it's still pretty cold. It hasn't been above the negatives yet. Did you have enough to finish the sacrament or did you have to bless more? This sunday was the first time I passed in almost six years. We only have one deacon and one priest in my new ward, so we were invited to participate. Did y'all have spring break yet? Canada's spring break was last week so we saw a lot of younger folk. What did you do for the vacation? Love talking to you. Bu bye

Dear Dad   
What did Ryan do that needed you called home? Well, at least you can tell people you have a kid on a mission right?!! How is work by the way? Fix any broken backs? I know you guys like talking about church and spiritual enlightenment and all that jazz, but emails home are like the one time I don't have to talk about that. Seen any good movies? How's sports?  What are the relatives doing? Cool things like that. Also, SEND ME SOME THIN MINTS GOSH DARN IT!!! love you though.

Dear Mom    
Don't send things to my apartment. You can send letters but send all packages to mission home or mission office.  I'm doing fine in welland. Ryan seems like he's been going through just as hard of a time as you are. don't be afraid to tell him off but always show that you love him after.  That's what it says in the Doctrine and Covenants anyway. Scripture study is helpful. I don't know if I'm the best person to give parenting advice. I love you  and hope you figure it out though.  I love you all and hope for your best. sincerely Elder Erasmus 

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