Monday, May 12, 2014

Catch up... A New Area, A New Companion, and A Baptism

May 11, 2014

Had a great talk with Nathan yesterday - He is doing great! Skyped us from their new convert (baptized last week) house.  Here are a few pics we snapped of him while he was talking to us - He is doing great but still our Nathan!  He was cutting his own hair and usually uses the #6 blade but put the #2 blade on on accident - sooo he is sporting a buz cut!  Love this kid!

May 5, 2014

 Dear Erasmus Family

      Please send socks. I know my birthday was a few weeks ago now, but I didn't realize I had only one good pair until recently. I guess I have been working even harder than I thought. Cool. So I sounds Like It's been a pretty stressful week for everybody. At least you guys get warm weather. I tell you one thing I learned on my mission. Never, and I mean NEVER mention America while you're in Canada. And especially don't compare the two. Canadians get super defensive about it. Having pride in your country is great but all I said was that it's a lot colder here. The Baptism of James Douglas Arthur went well over all. The most interesting thing about him is his conversion story. We have had such an eventful week that that was kinda less interesting. One of the less active members we have been working with died, We had zone training and I found out that one of the missionaries has to be half giant(seven feet 2 inches tall! and sturdy as a tree), We had a baptism and we killed a cat right in front of it's owner. Yikes. The life of a missionary. We have been having a lot more progress than I had in Welland. Tracting might not be fun, but it seems to work here. I can't believe Grandmother and Papa Joe are going on another mission. Just one is HAAAaaaaard. It might be more fun if you had the same companion the entire time, but I don't think I could do two. That's about all I have to say about this week. Oh, and Mom, Get some sleep. "It is not requisite for a man to run faster than he has strength". Naps are good for you.

Elder Erasmus

April 28/2014
 Dear Erasmuses(Erasmi?)
I'm in Peterborough now. Pretty cool place. It's more rural than Welland or Brampton were. My new companion is Elder Ward.  He's from Washington state and is going back in July. He LOVES tracting. I don't understand why. He's also kind of a robot. He has a strict schedule and he eats the same thing everyday. He makes this big pot of Pasta once a week and just heats it up and eats it throughout the week. That's pretty strange. We do have a baptism planned for next Sunday. The only problem is I've never met the guy.  This Transfer will be a crucial one. If I'm transferred, then I'll only have served with each of my companions for one time between transfers. If I'm not, then I'll have killed over half my companions.(killing is missionary lingo for sending them home). the weather is a little cooler than it was in Welland. I'm back to wearing my jacket everyday. So Shelby is an official registered Neuro scientist. Sounds fancy. What are y'all doing for Ryan's birthday? Well I'm done talking about myself.

 Dear Nick
      Don't make fun of the baby ducks. when you were a baby, you were so bad at walking you needed to wear a helmet so your head wouldn't get all lopsided. You're so big now. What happened? Last time I saw you, you barely came up to my waist. Are you using your size in sports? Sounds like it. You always tell me about how much you are killing it out there. Stay gold buddy.

 Dear Dawson
     What's with the um. You're going to be a freshman. Your only options are Alta and Corner Canyon....Or college. Are You really that smart? All Missionary apartments are about the same. We share a room, then there's the study room/office, then the living room, and finally a really small kitchen. The biggest difference between this apartment and the one from Welland is the fact that it is a basement apartment not an actual apartment building. You know what that means? IT'S FREEZING!!! I swear basement apartments somehow generate cold. Too bad about that bad body check. Did you hurt the guy? Hope not. Well, later days.

 Dear Ryan    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!!! I would sing to you but I don't think you would be able to hear me from way down there. How was the day activity for prom? Those are usually the best parts, aren't they. You might actually like the dance part, but for me it's too loud and too many people. I know I'm usually the level headed guy around the house but I'm in Canada. You know what I learned about Canada this week? The don't have the letter 'Z'. they sorta do. They have zed. looks like 'Z' but it just doesn't sound right. Hope you have a good year. 17 is usually one of the better ones.

 Dear Mom
   Funny story. You know Elder Olsen, my trainer? He's my district leader again. I get to see him every week. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I don't really expect to see my companions after transfers, but here he is. Why is dad on Ryan's case? Was it him just staying out late on prom night? Which little kid peed? I bet that was awesome. Thanks for your testimony. Earlier this week the bishop asked us to stop by this less active member and she basically bore an anti testimony to us and I've been feeling a bit down since so I needed yours. Love you.

Dear Leon
    Didn't feel like E-mailing me this week? That's cool. So how was your week? Who was your favorite companion from your mission. I figured I have enough to start ordering them. Which companion did you work the best with and which did you have the most fun with? Besides room mating with an mafia member, you haven't told me a lot of cool stories from your mission. I think I'd like to hear about them. keep in touch.
Sincerely yours
 Elder Erasmus    

April 21/21/2014

Dear Erasmus Clan
    We got transfer calls this week. I'm going to someplace called Peterborugh with some guy named Elder Ward. That's pretty cool, right? I also celebrated my birthday. Those aren't as cool as when you celebrate at home. We decided to repel down this mountain on a very slippery rope so we went spelunking an abandoned mine shaft. All those things are against the white handbook and I'm pretty sure slightly illegal.  Also, it was raining. NOT MY IDEA. Our district leader is a little bit of an adrenaline junky. We got a couple of potential investigators this week, but we still haven't taught a great deal of lessons. We went on exchanges near the end of the week. That's what we thought anyway. What really happened was our district kidnapped us and took us to the Mandarin to celebrate Elder Roberts death. They're not the most consecrated missionaries, but they have more investigators than we do... To help with that, they decided that we should have a blitz in our area(a blitz is when an entire zone works one area for a few hours) on Sunday. Turns out Welland is just dead. We had zero progress with that. We did see a cool video on exchanges during lunch. Journey of faith. Anyway, I'm going to work a new area soon.
 Dear Nick

    That sounds like a ton of fun. I went hiking in St.George but I never went to the lava tubes. Is that dog bigger than me? I don't think I've been in Uncle Greg's pool in some five odd years. Wow. Why did you watch capt. america again? Didn't get enough the first time? I hope you had a good Easter. love you bro.

Dear Dawson  You're a teacher? Man, I'm old. Do you know the yoga move that can make a grown man poop his pants? How was Thor 2? better than Iron man 3? Who's this rich friend of yours? You know you shouldn't make friends with someone just because they're rich. How tall are you? I remember when you used to be shorter than Ryan. love you.

 Dear Ryan  
Don't get a scooter. Motorcycles are sick, but scooters are lame. Are you still a junior? IS spring break in April? It's in march in Canada. At St. George, did you spend time with the Family or did you go off with some of your friends. Sounds like the family had fun. do something fun for your birthday. love you bro.

Dear Dad    
 I haven't seen any of those movies, but a member was watching the ten commandments at one of our dinner appointments. It was the part where Ramses was mourning over his kid and nephritite was demanding that he kill Moses and stuff. Then he put on his cool armor and threatened to kill her. I got real good at reading lips on my mission... At least I don't make ridiculous predictions over kinder eggs. I remember the only reason we did fire drills on the mountain was cause somebody blew up our furnace.  Hopefully that won't happen again. how was your business meeting? Learn anything useful? I love you dad

 Dear Mom
   I should be able to email today. The areas that use libraries instead of family history centers will be cut off. I might actually get to email you twice. One family did have us over for Easter. Pretty nice people. but they do have cherry flavored ham. That's weird. It turns out my trainer might be the District leader. I don't know how i feel about that. I didn't even know it was Easter till after sacrament meeting. Not much different than every other day. I miss you guys. Being with Elder Roberts is just making me trunky. love serving though. just can't wait till I'm done.
 Love Elder Erasmus

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