Monday, March 16, 2015

Walking from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario in Freezing Cold Weather. . . My Karate Skills are still AWESOME! . . . Sick again :(


March 9, 2015

No letter this week. Sick. Just came to st. cats to get a blessing. gonna go puke now. love you

March 2, 2015

Dear Family
  This week has been full of excitement. We got to go to sports again last week for p-day. There was a member of the downtown ward who taught self defense. I didn't worry to much about that and just did the normal sports stuff(kill ball, chair soccer and other such things) with the rest of the zone. After word I made a joke about being stabbed because I didn't take the class to one of the missionaries who did.  I wasn't being negative or anything just said with my luck I would be the one who gets jumped. The instructor than handed me a rubber knife and asked me to attack him. I did. He could stop me for awhile but I ended up throwing him to the ground and stabbing him several times in the back...I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about that. On one hand I just beat a professional martial artist at his own game, but I think I might have hurt his pride while doing it. I thanked him very much for the instruction and said that I wished I went to that instead, but I don't know if that helped.  Just one of those things that happen. If you can find the moral to that story, more power to you. This week we also went on exchanges with a missionary in the zone. He's only five years old...kinda. He got amnesia when he was seventeen. He didn't even know how to feel emotions or anything. So that was fun as well, as fun as it could be. Lots of fun. We also had a few investigators at church and either one or two are getting baptized next week.

Dear Nick
     Your week sounds fun as well. The funeral might have been sad but that's only because a lot of people are going to miss him. How is Hyrule warriors? It sounds like a fun game. I remember Ryan emailing me about it way back when I was in Brampton. He said something about link using a scarf. Is it some kind of whip weapon or something? Love you champ.

Dear Dawson  
Your week sounds more fun than mine. Vegas is always an adventure. Are you going to keep in touch with that Canadian girl? I think this is the most of you ever wrote to me on my mission. Seriously, your letter is huge. I hope you keep it up slugger. Do you like lax more than football now? or are you just that all around amazing athelete. Love you bud

 Dear Ryan  
Come on dude, Camp Alma is a blast. That's where we got our spirit animals remember? Anyway, where did you go shopping? Did you go to that mall that has that river thingy in it, or just south town? Is Alicia your new girl or is she just a friend? I have a hard time remembering you have gone on a date with. Anyway, love you bro

Dear Mom
  One of the zone leaders investigators was getting baptized so someone else had to do the interview. Also, I'm pretty sure there is a rule against interpreting other peoples' patriarchal blessings. Anyway, that was a lot of funerals in a short time span. I guess they both went well. I only ever went to two funerals on my mission so far but i don't think they went as well. I guess having the gospel more abundantly in your life really helps with that. Love you mom

Dear Dad    Thanks dad. I hope your knee is doing better. I've been praying for you. I really miss going to movies with you and talking about them after. That was always fun. Well, I guess I'll see you soon. love you pops ;

 I love and miss you all
 Elder Erasmus

February 23, 2015

Dear Family
     Well we got the car back on Thursday, so no more trekking through the frozen tundra on foot. We also went on exchanges with the zone leaders. We hardly did any missionary work during that time. So I went to the ZLs area with elder Vang, who can't drive. While we were there we got a call from some sister missionaries in the Oakville area. In our mission the zone leaders have some cash stored away so if there is any medical expenses they can be paid. She had to get some blood work a middle of a blizzard...two hours away. YAY! After driving that distance we found out that the sisters didn't check the schedule for the clinic. It was closed. So we got to drive another two hour a blizzard. YAY! Then we got to do a baptismal interview which took awhile. And lastly we had an appointment with the branch leader in Thorold. That is my area but they are in the ysa so they cover that. Takes about an hour to get there in good weather, but we all know that doesn't exist in Canada. So another two hours both ways. Pretty much nine hours of driving all day. Elder Vang didn't plan the exchange the best he could have. We didn't get back in time so we had to stay the night with the zone leaders who only had two beds and no carpets...I'M NOT BITTER! but yeah, my week was fun. We also had two new investigators and one who came to church, so that is good.

 Dear Nick
   Sounds like you had fun at boondocks. I really don't know what you are talking about with the whole xd thing but it sounds nice. Shooting robots always is. Do you know what kinda dog they got? Is it a tiny dog or is it just small because its a puppy? love you bro

Dear Dawson   Hows lacrosse going? I hear you are a little champ. Thats good. 

;I just want to inform you that the wifi cut off so now I'm in a completely different city using a completely different computer. Don't you feel special. Anyways, It sounds like you had an amazing week of food fun and lacrosse. I appreciate your emails. love you champ.

 Dear Ryan ; 
 I'm glad you had an amazing date. I bet you had fun. Send me pictures next time, eh. I just typed 'eh'. That is the weirdest thing but I have started to use that. What do you know about this zelda tv series? I assume it will be live action if it is like game of thrones. Do they have a cast list yet or has it just been announced? I love you dude. Keep me updated. Are you going to become an elder as soon as you turn eighteen or are you gonna wait a little bit? You are the best. 

Dear Dad,
   My boots and coat work fine. Especially since I ware several layers under that. That is the secret, layers. I didn't know you spoke shona. Is that like affricaanse or different? How many languages do you know

 Dear Mom
 I do not remember uncle Alma. But it does sound like the funeral was very interesting and enjoyable. 97 is a good age. I'm doing really good, but between the pictures of Zack and Shelby bragging about the heat does make me feel slightly green. I'll get over that though. Love you mom.

February 17, 2015

Dear Family

   So crazy stuff this week. Way back in November Elder Lowry crashed the car before I got here so we have been driving around with a huge gash across the grill. No big deal,  It's just aesthetics right? Well we finally got permission from the insurance to get it fixed. No big deal. only a day or two. EXCEPT NOT! We have been walking all week because the crash messed with the spark plugs or something so we won't have the car fixed until much later. So we have been walking. You know those two investigators I told you about? Well one lives in Fort Erie(next to lake erie) and the other one lives in Niagara on the lake(next to lake ontario). So we have been walking literally from one side of our area to the other. Kinda makes me feel like one of the first missionaries who had to walk to the east coast to proselyte. It's been fun. Especially since it hasn't stopped snowing since last Tuesday. I'm not even sure where the edges of the road are anymore. We did get to celebrate St. Valentines day with the ward though. They through a valentines day dance and dinner with a dessert competition. Only about seventy people showed up because of the weather. For dessert I made a pizza thing. Since we don't have the time or resources that other members have I had to be creative. First I made a big cookie with the dough tubes you buy at walmart. Then I added a layer of jam and another layer of vanilla pudding. I topped it with strawberries cut the long way to look like pepperonis. It totally looked like a pizza and it only took thirty minutes. I didn't win. The week has been pretty fun in general.

 Dear Nick
  Wow you're cool. I don't send pictures because I don't take pictures. I've been in the same area for almost five months. I like your dream. Are you going to try to get a pet lizard now or are you too scared the cat will eat it? I would get one just for fun. I don't know if you know this, but when we lived on the mountain, me and Ryan would go out and catch lizards in the park and stuff. I bet its warm enough for you to catch them too if you look really hard. love you bud.

 Dear Dawson  
 WHY ARE YOU YELLING?!? Sorry but that's just how I feel when you type to me in all caps. So you have another lax tournament coming up. How many of those do you think you have a year? I don't know how long my hair will be. Mom said she wouldn't bug me about it after my mission, but I don't want it to be unmanageable. I'll let you know when I get back. Love you champ

 Dear Ryan
   I didn't date much. That's my history. There's always the classic paintball, laser tag, mini golf thing. Those are pretty much all the dates I've been on. How much do you get paid in your new job? Is it just minimum wage or do you get commission or something? I don't know how to get mom and dad off your back. Try reading your scriptures in the family room or go an entire week without saying a mean thing to anyone. I don't know. Just keep hanging in there. Love you bro.

 Dear Dad
  I'm in a district leader area but Elder Warner does most of the follow up calls. I think he's technically the district leader but the we do the same things and I go to all the leadership meetings and stuff. Besides zone leaders and assistants, we don't really have a set leadership in our mission. Sounds like you are having a blast with the weather though. If you don't feel like you have enough cold, you can borrow some of mine. Temple prep sounds fun. I didn't start going until after I was endowed but it was fun. I'm sure you'll do fine. Just remember to tell them that you have to clean the goat before you bring it. Jokes. I'll just pray that you will get patients and hope that is vague enough for Heavenly Father to work with. Love you dad.

Dear Mom  
KYLIE"S GETTING MARRIED!?!? Why does nobody tell me anything. Not having a third with us has some set backs. We can't just go anywhere we want because there this rule that if there is a single woman you need a third male. On the bright side our apartment has never looked cleaner. School will be fun. Just like high school except no sports and everyone is a mature person. Yay.
Love you mom.

I love and miss you all.
 Elder Erasmus

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