Monday, September 28, 2015

Last Transfer, Another Baptism and 22 days left!!!

Sept 28, 2015

Dear Family

This week we have had a baptism. that was fun. The biggest thing though is that I have been on three exchanges the last week so that I'm hardly ever with my companion. It has been really weird. The work of course has been really good. twenty three days is still a tonne of time. We also had a zone conference. Which means every elder in the zone slept over at our apartment and ate all our food. This zone actually does a lot of sleep overs. Weird Other than that this has been a good week. love you guys.

Dear Nick
   I hear you are a dance master. that's awesome. i can't wait to see you in a few weeks buddy. I love you, even though you didn't write is school going? I bet you are making lots of friends, am i right. Love you buddy.

Dear dawson
  I'm sure you'll make the team. you are an amazing athelete. The game I played was shining force. Its pretty good. i have heard about the new star wars. whenever we buy groceries we take a glance at the magazine covers and i noticed a picture of this guy with a weird light saber. i'm looking forward to seeing it with you guys. love you buddy.

dear Dad
   lots of politics in the business world I see. I hope that goes well. I Recently got email from the ysa stake. that was a little weird. One thing that all the missionaries in my zone have been trying to do is guess who the new 12 will be. any guesses? love you dad

Dear Mom
     Twenty three days is sooo much time. i don't see why you're so excited. I have heaps of time left. My companion has been out for just about a year. he's pretty cool. You could just cut ryan's hair when he's sleeping. I'm surer he wouldn't mind. Have fun at school. I bet you graduate before i do... love you mom

I love you all. see you soon ;) Elder Erasmus

Sept 22, 2015

Dear Family

   This week we actually went to the trenthills branch for sacrament meeting. we cover two areas, I don't know if I mentioned that. there were only about 25 people there but Elder Pumford says that that was actually the most he's seen there. Makes you really grateful to go to church where they have to put seats in the gym. we also had an investigator to pass he baptismal interview. That was fun. went on exchange with prince lowry again. That was interesting.

dear Mom
   I decided to write you first this week. What do you need from school again? an associates or a bachelors? am i the last in my group to be out on my mission? i hear of a lot of people coming home already. Elder pumford is from michigan. Sometimes he complains that the mission boundries are only an hour away from his house. i laugh at him for that. keep up the good work in school. love you mom

dear Nick
   mozzarella sticks are delicious. Foe your birthday, you should ask for a puppy. you like dogs right? Puppies will teach you responsibility and stuff. Thats what you should ask for. love you buddy

Dear dawson
   You are a champ at football. I'm sure you will be equally champ like at lax. When comes to helping gain a testimony after they read and prayed, if they still don't have one its usually because they aren't keeping a commandment which distancing themselves from god. so we invite them to repent. The things you learn right? Love you bud

dear dad
   Did ryan take my car to school? I don't remember agreeing to that. The week seems to be good then. I guess the rain is a really good thing. people have been telling me that lately america has been on fire. Long hair isn't against the honor code. at least its not as long as it doesn't touch your shirt collar. you also can't have a beard but you can have a mustache. Love you dad

I love and miss you all. Elder Erasmus

Sept 13th 2015

Hello family
   Trenton is awesome. It is a really tiny town that is also part military base and has a river that goes through it. The awesome part is that there are so many prepared people here who want to hear the gospel. We have about three people who are preparing to be baptized this transfer. thats awesome. Elder Pumford Is a really cool gut. he sings pretty well. he apparently was some famous big shot singer in his school. He makes fun of my singing. That is the low down for this week.

 Dear Nick  37 is a lot of days nick. I have loads of time left. i'm glad you have a lot of respect. that will do you good in life. What is the first thing we are going to do together when I get home? love you buddy ;

dear dawson    You're tutoring? Thats pretty cool Do people pay or do you just volunteer for extra credit or something? Anyway, great job on being awesome.. love you buddy.

dear Dad   I try to give as much details as i an, there just isn't a lot to talk about. The biggest challenge/difference between areas is there are either to many people to talk to or not enough. but such is the life of a missionary. you can read all about it in volume three of my mission journals:) i jest. is astronomy a required? I'll talk to you soon love ya dad

dear mom
  yaya ryan is in school! I got to go getting kicked off love you
 I love and miss you all
 Elder Erasmus

 Sept 8th, 2015
 Sorry i didn't email last week. The district leader showed up right as we started and took us downtown to eat legendary pizza from this place called albion's(it has shwarma pizza). They promised that we would have enough time to email when we got back. we didn't. I got transferred to trenton. Its a branch. I have never served in a branch before. should be fun. my new companion is elder pumford. he's from detroit. Trenton itself is a pretty small town. should be fun

 Dear dawson
   Dude that is like the longest email you have ever wrote me. the first thing i want to do is probably watch frozen. i know you don't like it but it is seriously everywhere up here and i hate being the only person who doesn't know what its about. don't worry, i'll teach you how to drive when i get back.

 dear nick
You get to run the ball? thats pretty cool. What is your favorite movie to come out since I've been out? Is it guardians of the galaxy? we'll watch it together in six weeks. love ya!

Dear dad
  Vacation must have been fun. I swear though, every other week someone goes to bear lake since i have been out. I didn't know you can watch highschool football online. My companion is rushing me so I have to go. Love ya

 Dear mom
     Hi mom sorry about your foot. Brock has a job at bear lake? thats weird. I really have to get going now sorry. i'll talk to you soon though. love you guys bye.

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