Monday, October 12, 2015

Last full week in the Mission!!! One more Baptism this week! 9 Days and counting

October 12, 2015

Dear Family

So this is my last week. weird. What are some cool things that have happened. We had another sleepover. Everyone drank my dr. pepper. We also spent a few hours chopping wood for an investigator. I like chopping wood. nothing makes you want to grunt like a barbarian like splitting a log in one go. This week for church was pretty stressful. First of all elder pumford decided that we were in the choir so we gave a musical presentation, We cover two branches and we spent this sunday at one branch but all morning calling the other to set things up with our investigators there, and the zone leaders were forty five minutes late for a baptismal interview. Dealing with stuff.
but she passed so we will have a baptism my last week. that is super cool.  And that was my week. any more questions and you can ask me in person next week.😎 P.S. if you planned on mailing me anything. don't.
Dear Nick
   Happy birthday bud! What are you going to be for halloween. A pirate? you should be a pirate. I'm so proud of your spitting ability. would say that you are the SPITTING image of your father? Love you buddy.

Dear Dawson
  You are killing it in football. thats awesome. i don't know what to say either so I'll see you in a week
Dear Dad
   I hope I have a pattern  when i get back. I'm thinking I'll just focus on getting a job though. And school. And church...i got a lot to focus on don't I? It will be fun though. See you next week

Dear Mom
   I already have a speaking assignment? thats pretty nifty. So0 many people waiting for me is good. i hope i live up to expectations. Either the mission was just a really gradual process or I'm exactly the same as I was. Probably the former. I look forward to seeing you all again. next week.

I love and miss you all
Elder Erasmus

Nathan helped teach this young man for a long time in his last area - He got baptized right after Nathan left

October 5th, 2015

Hello family. 

   Does it surprise you that this my second to last email you get from Toronto? Wierd right? This week has been great. As usual, conference was super inspirational and uplifting. my favorite was Elder Lawrence's "what lack I yet" talk. Do you ever wonder why we call them talks instead of speeches or sermons? We also have been having a lot of sleepovers lately. The kingston district is so spread out that to save time and daily mileage we have been going over to a few central apartments for a night with other missionaries when ever we have meetings. Fun times but leaves you more tired in the morning. We gave a really unique presentation during zone council. Elder Pumford and myself acted out the part of the book of mormon where ammon confronts king lamoni. That was really fun. And that was my week.

Dear Dawson
   Conference was indeed awesome. I am glad you made your team, but we all knew you would. You want to know a secret? I hated spanish too. But its cool that you are doing great. i love you buddy.

Dear Nick
  I thought your lego plane was cool. How are you doing buddy? Which tooth did you loose? a back one? I hear you are the best player on your team. That's awesome. Keep practicing and I'm sure you will lead your team to victory. Love ya champ.

Dear Dad
    He got my car impounded. That's very unsettling. Did he not come to conference? I think it will take me a few days to settle in before we can really start partying when I get back anyway. But i'm sure we'll do something fun when Shelby is here. love you dad

Dear Mom
   I'm not dead yet. I still gots tons of time. Ryan wanting to cut his own hair is pretty nifty. I am coming home in a few weeks so I really don't know what else to say. love you mom.

I love and miss you all. Elder Erasmus

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