Saturday, November 2, 2013

1st letter - in true Nathan form!

dear family
as you can see i am still breathing. which is good. got all your letters, so, thanks... i guess. the MTC has been great. my companion has been great. district has been great. classes have been great. great. great. great. tell the grandparents i appreciate the packages and tell Dawson and Ryan i am happy they won. I only have time to write one letter soooo... yeah. i really don't know what I'm suppose to say. make sure someone feeds the cat. seriously, she better not be dead by the time i get back. doing laundry right now. ironically, it has been the most looked forward to activity we had. we get almost no free time, but i think that might be the point. idle hands are the tools of the devil and all that. the food taste great but it makes some of us a little gassy,*cough* my companion*cough*. speaking of which, i think i finally found someone who can out snore dad. he's a cool guy though and has a power full testimony. i haven't had time to use the camera, but I'll try to get some pictures before i leave. I'll probably write you guys sometime next week. you might get a hand written letter if you're lucky. make sure no one goes in my room. Love Elder Erasmus

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  1. Love, love the pictures of Elder Erasmus and his beautiful family! So tender....the boys and Mom and Shelby are really going to miss him....Dad too. We love you Nath....go get 'em!