Saturday, November 30, 2013

Baby it's Cold Outside

Dear Family
  In case you don't fully appreciate how cold it is up here, I would
like to inform you that the last couple of days have been between -7
and 1 degree. That's spit freezing cold. There aren't even mountains
in the Ontario province, how does it get that cold? It's great that
you're going to grandmother's for thanksgiving. Unfortunately for me,
Canadian thanksgiving happens in October... Whoo.... I wish I could
bring my journal to the library and just copy that into my E-mails. I
am doing things I just don't remember what they are when it's writing
time. Most of the people we teach are exceptionally flakey so it's
hard to get more than one lesson in. Cool thing about our apartment is
that it's in the basement of the house with another guy renting above
us. And he gets the thermostat. Normally this wouldn't be a bad thing
but he doesn't know he controls for both. So when he goes out of town
for a few days and turns the heat off to save money... I told you how
cold it gets here, right?
  According to my companion, packages take a good couple of weeks to
get places, so if I don't write about the amazing things you send me
for awhile, it's not that I'm ungrateful I just haven't got it yet.
So Kylie is dating a johnson? that's weird. Well on to
the individuals.

    YOU GOT TO GO INTO A TANK?!?! That is so cool. Did they let you
shoot it? probably not, right. Anyway, have fun at the planetarium.
You know you can buy chocolate covered grasshoppers there. I dare you
to eat one and tell me about it.

  Missionaring is hard. I haven't broke Ryan's record yet, but I'm
working on it. Mom tells me math is too easy for you. Why are you so
smart? I hope the other courses are equally as easy. By the way, the
50th anniversary of doctor who happened. I'm not saying you should
write me about it, but if you see it and want to share it with

  There are no mountains in Ontario and all the people are from
India... They're probably the best skiers i have ever seen. Why are
you trying to wear Mary-Jane? you know that's against the word of
wisdom, right? I'm just joshing you. Of course we're gonna be besties
forever. Stay out of trouble you little scamp.

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