Sunday, November 17, 2013

2nd letter from Nathan, not much longer then the first!

Geez, so many colours. They spell colours with a u here. That's weird. anyway, about my mission. It's cold, my feet constantly hurt, and there are no breaks. But i like it. my companion is also from utah. His name Is Elder Olsen. He is the district leader and follows the rulebook to a T. We get fed nearly every other night. We don't teach much lessons though. That will come in time, i guess. it's great that nick got baptised but pretty sure my Baptisms will out number Ryan's in a few months. I took some pictures of the MTC but none of Canada. I've been busy. I bet y'all think Canada is the whitest of the white breads, but 90% of everyone I've seen is either indian or middle eastern.
      Please tell nick that the moon isn't actually part of the Earth. it just floats above it. Also, you need to write me about thor 2. yes, i would most deffinately wear a scarf. I just rememered that Uncle Noel and Aunt Tami told me to write them. since I don't have the time, please inform them that I am doing well and i would appreciate lemonade if they could spare it. they have milk in bags here. milk in bags. Oh, canada. I don't have a favorite scripture yet, but i could look. I swear I could think of a million things to write but as soon as I get to the computer my mind blanks on me. Make sure someone cleans the litter box. I'll try to get some pictures next time. Love you all.
                                                                         Elder Erasmus

(Our letter was in lots of different colors to him) 
(Nick wrote Nathan about what he was learning in school, Nathan was correcting the teacher!)

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