Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Few Question Answered

Since Nathan's letters are so full if info I tried asking him a list of questions - not much more info!

DId you get a warmer coat? no, mine's good for now
Did you buy a bike? nope
Are you on a bike or are you in a car? neither. I'm a walker.
Do you need insoles for your shoes? again, no.
What town is your companion from? Syracuse
Are you teaching any investigators yet? a couple
How was your first P day in Canada? super busy
Do you have enough garments, shirts, socks? Eeyup
What did you do Monday? preach
What did you do Tuesday? played
What did you do Wednesday?preached
What did you do Thursday? teached
What did you do Friday? testified
What did you do Saturday? spiritualized
What did you do Sunday? worshipped
And anything else you can think of to tell us we would LOVE!.
That was easy. well i guess i'm done. bye.... Okay I'l keep going. I really don't know much to say. Tell dawson to do good in his Basketing of the Balls and make sure ryan helps around the house. Geez, at the apartment I could think of a thousand things to say but as soon as you put  a keyboard infront of me it all goes to mush. I could tell Y'all some mission stories like how I asked a grown up lady if her mom was home or the time I fell down two flights of stairs in an apartment, but I'll spare you the details. I go to the same ward every sunday and participate in their quarums and stuff. I'll try adressing you individually.
I love that you miss me and all, but remember that the room is mine. so is the cat... not really. I'm just kidding and I love you. Did you like thor? what was your favorite part? same questions for Kenna's play. Did you ask your teacher about the moon not actually being part of Earth? love'ya.
Geez, why don't you give me a break from all the info*sarcasm*. I know I don't exactly write alot but you are my connection to the world of sin and wordly desires. give some details man. Also, good luck with sports and stuff.
to what questions are you refering? Being the full time missionary i am, I tend to block out the temptations of the world (I would never have time away from my companion and he's a bit of a stickler anyway). And what do you mean starwars with Thor people? were their lightsabers? did anakin show up? fun fact, Natalie Portman played Padme in starwars and thor's girlfriend. if that is the only similarity than you need be less superficial. also you're adorable. my jacket is fine. i can't exactly go crazy with my money.

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