Monday, December 9, 2013

A good find

Dear Family
    So y'all got to see Frozen, what was it about? Sounds like it was COOL...
anyway, it doesn't snow here, it just freezes. On the way to an investigators I managed to slip and fall down... Twice. I'm not the most coordinated Elder. We had a great week for finding not so much teaching. We were trying to get into this apartment building that we didn't have a buzzer for when this women decked out in full on Indian apparel (with the shawl and dot and everything) opens the door and asks if we could get her a bible. We said yes. She then asked, if it wasn't too much trouble, if we could teach her and her daughter about Jesus. We said we could probably pencil her in. When we taught her we taught her, her daughter, her husband, her brother, her son, and two kids she was baby sitting. The only downside is that I'm pretty sure she thinks we're catholic. Little step back. You should probably avoid sending packages to the apartment. I haven't got any and we technically live in the basement of a nonmember so I'm not sure what he does with the mail. (so send them to the mission home) Are you guys doing anything special for Christmas now that you have two less mouths to feed? We get to study for a little longer than we usually do. Probably cause they want us to read about the birth in addition to our regular study.
   Sounds like you're turning out to be quite the little athlete. If you want to start snowboarding or skiing here's a tip. Skiing is way easier but you have more fun boarding. What was your favorite thing about frozen? I didn't even hear about that one before I came out. I love that you're helping mom with the Christmas stuff. keep praying for me and I'll keep praying for you.
   Dad says you wore my tires down to the rim so you may want to lay off the "drifting" for a bit. You went to snowbird? I thought that place was strictly for skiers. Is it more fun than Brighton? If you don't want to get in trouble around the house here's a secret, If you would get in trouble for a thing don't do it. I know that sounds harsh, but most of the time you can get away with a lot of things so you think you can get away with even more. if you just drop below the radar for a bit, mom and dad will give you more freedom and you won't get in trouble for the little things. or maybe I'm just finally turning into a missionary and giving you goody goody advice. stay cool bro.
  Every Preperation day(We're not allowed to say P-day anymore) we get together as a zone to play volleyball or something. this week we're going bowling. I hear you didn't think too kindly about this new disney movie. Was it too girly for ya? Real men can watch a disney princess movie and enjoy it so I guess you're just not man enough. I kid. So you had this super busy B-ball week. I bet by the time I get home you'll might be close to my level. Later days Bro.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be happy, or wanting to better your life. You can start right now by taking these steps to increase your happiness:

1. Choose to be happy: Recognize that it is a choice. You can choose to let the little things get you down, tie your happiness to the decisions and actions of others, or you can decide to let it go! Choose positivity, choose life, choose happiness.
2. Cultivate a culture of gratitude: Do you have an amazing family or a gifted companion? Relish this and celebrate daily in the awesomeness of your life! What do you have that others say they would love to swap places with you for?
3. Don’t hold grudges: choose to forgive, even if others have not asked for forgiveness or apologized. You don't need to hang onto their stuff. That hurt will do nothing to better your life or help you achieve happiness.
4. Feed yourself positive things: What you feed will flourish, what you neglect will die. If you are feeding and focusing on the positive things in your life you will see growth in that area. If all you focus on is the bad, negative things, you might notice major growth in that area of your life.
5. Surround yourself with positive people: Birds of a feather flock together. If your family, friends and community are focusing on the good in life, instead of being "Debby downers" who always linger on the bad, you will see a drastic change in your life. Have you ever heard the term, misery loves company? DON’T BE ITS COMPANY!
6. Do something meaningful: When your life, your career or actions have a higher purpose, it makes you feel more accomplished; whether it's spending time with your loved ones, spending time working for a good cause, or spending time on something of great importance to you.

Today I want you to embrace happiness. Choose to stop living in misery, because it never got anyone, anywhere. Unhappiness keeps you stuck in a rut. BE HAPPY! 

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