Monday, December 2, 2013

An Upcoming Baptism

Dear Family
    For Thanksgiving this year, I went and had dinner with some maltese members. throughout my life I have learned that the three foods I really don't like are Fish, Cheese, and Mushrooms. They took the stem out of the mushroom, filled it with cheese, baked it in fish oil and served it to us. Your thanksgiving sounds delightful though. One of our investigators has a baptismal date. December 15. That's pretty cool. Speaking of cool, I'm thinking about getting a scarf. My coat is actually doing a pretty good job holding up but my neck and feet tend to feel a bit nippy. We have been working with the member but the only referal we got was a man named Sam. he comes from an island close to Madagascar that speaks creole. He seems interested. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you add Christmas music to my song request. As long as it doesn't have romantic lyrics, all Christmas music should be acceptable.
  You saw Ender's Game? I thought that didn't come out till next year. Did the planetarium teach you that the moon isn't actually part of the Earth? I'm sorry Nala bit you. She was probably just trying to give you a kiss but her teeth got in the way. Did you have fun with your break from school? Did you have any adventures? If not, you should go get some. Love'ya little buddy.
   That sounds like a cool story. I guess you could say HE KEPT HIS EYE ON THE BIRDIE!!!... I'm sorry. if you want details on my mission i'm afraid it's not terribly interesting.We wake up at 6:30 to exercise than we have an hour to get ready and have breakfast, another couple of hours of scripture study, after that we go to see appointments that 80% don't show up to. we then come home for dinner and contact/tract around the area. You know that game we played where you play tic-tac-toe inside another Tic-tac-toe? We did play that and I won seven out of ten times(two of the ones I didn't win were ties). I'll keep you posted if anything interesting happens.
   Some people just don't recognize talent when they see it. Keep practicing and you could be the best Apostate game player around. To be fair, Dawson is only a forth of a worker considering you were only a half worker when I was there. How is school going? Did you go to any Fun extra curriculars? Got yourself a sweetheart yet? You're sixteen now, no one can stop you... except mom. My Christmas entirely depends on what you guys send me so make it a good one. Love ya bro.

This is not from Nathan, but is an email that his Mission President sends out every week:

The mission had 5 baptisms this week which gives us 5 for the month. As I mentioned last week, we exceeded our goal of 80+ families and future missionaries. We finished today with 70 families and 21 future missionaries for a total of 91 versus our goal of 80. These 91 families and missionaries will continue to bless the branches and wards here in Ontario and throughout the world long after all of us have returned home. We are grateful for your efforts and faithfulness in accomplishing this goal. As you may recall when we began this effort to baptize families we hoped that each ward and branch as well as each area in the mission would to be able to contribute. You will be happy to know that 42 of our 80 units were able to baptize and 57 of our 130 areas baptized. The mission has 505 baptisms so far this year. For your information, we had 465 baptisms in 2012. In 2011 the combined East and West missions and the newly consolidated Canada Toronto Mission had a total of 559 baptisms. We can exceed that total with only 55 more baptisms this month. That is just under 14 baptisms per week. What do you think?

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