Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What the heck is a Punjabi Suit

Hey family
   How's it going. it has finally snowed here. Canada snow is alot more slick than Utah snow. I fell down... alot. You really don't have to worry about sending me anymore Christmas presents. My companion, another companionship, and I all bought punjabi suits. I might send you a picture if you ask nicely. Shelpy, the Indian lady and her family couldn't meet with us this week because the father got sick and had to go to the hospital. Charmaine had a change in her work schedule so we couldn't baptize her... and we dropped her because we haven't been able to see her for a few weeks. We did get a new investigator though. Her name is Elizabeth. Well I didn't get her because I was on exchanges with the zone leaders, but i did teach her after that. She also unplugged her refrigerator a few weeks ago and filled with melted frozen fermented liquids that sat there for a few weeks. We got to clean it out (more specifically, i cleaned it out while Elder Olsen talked about her cat). Good times.  On to the individies

  Did you win? You little athlete you. I've been praying for you guys too.Did mom let you watch Lord of The Rings too? Man you guys seem to be having all the fun. I hope you don't get sick again. I love ya buddy.

   I heard from a birdie that you cut your hair. How short? if you want to grow it back read judges 16-20. It's a pretty good story where Samsun gets into a HAIRY situation.... Get it? Anyway, How was the Hobbit? Was legolas as cool as he was in the other movies? Also, Stay away from my blanket. Still love you though.

   You can use my blanket if you can beat Ryan in a Arm Wrestle. You can do it champ. How is school going? Got any ladies to swoon after you yet? Stay classy champ.

   Sounds like Y'all have been having a great time since I left. You better save some of those gifts for two years. CCC sounds like they're going to be the new Alta when it comes to sports. Ryan just needs a little bit of an ego stroking before the criticism starts. I miss you guys alot.

   Way to go mom, you made me cry a bit. if you want my opinion on how to teach about joseph smith i could give you some pointers. i love you guys and i hope you have a great christmas.

Elder Erasmus 

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